Coco bowl


Just a little more… quirky.

The murmur of the waves. The warm glow on your skin. The shade of a palm tree. Our Coco bowls take you away with their own unique story.

UMAII Coco bowls are designed by nature, then lovingly handcrafted into bowls. Natural coconut halves that would otherwise have been burnt as waste are scraped, and then filled with 100% olive wax and a wooden wick. Olive wax is a waste product of olive oil: a natural wax, without paraffin (petroleum).
The bowl itself is inlaid with eggshell on the inside and finished with a food-approved lacquer.

Each Coco bowl is unique with its own colour, pattern, shape and size.

The Coco bowl is 100% natural, and thus perfectly imperfect. Cracks are impossible to predict. The bowls are a natural product and fragile if used carelessly. They can be affected by extreme temperatures.

The box also includes a sisal ring on which the bowl can be set if necessary.

Colour: blue-purple

When the candle is burnt out, the bowl can be reused as a bowl. The bowl can be washed once with water at 70°C to rinse away the candle residue. The bowl should never be put in a dishwasher, microwave, oven or fridge.

As soon as you see the metal base of the wick, the candle has burned out. We recommend not lighting the candle again then, the heat from the base can damage the food-resistant lacquer.

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