We are UMAII

Just a bit more.

It’s challenging to truly be yourself in the bustling world where we try to find our own path. In this stressful world, we ask you to pause everything happening around you and simply… listen. Listen to our story. Go for just a bit more… with the purity of UMAII.

Ready for it?

Radiantly responsible

A candle is undeniably a beautiful product. It has the power to captivate the imagination. With the utmost simplicity, you can find them in all scents and colors worldwide. The sky is the limit, the possibilities are endless, and guess what… UMAII does just the opposite.

After a long search, radiant olive wax crossed our path. A pure and sustainable byproduct with infinite potential. This natural wax is proudly the main ingredient of our candles, the beating heart of our story. Olive stearin is found in the beautiful olive groves of Europe. Can you picture it? The sun on your skin, sparkling waves, and a Mediterranean breeze in the background. Just one of the many feelings our candles can evoke.

And thus, the circle was complete. Meet UMAII.

Breathtakingly refined

Our heart beats for candles but also for your moment of peace, enjoyment, and purity. With our permanent collections in sustainable materials, we bring you a little piece of happiness to take home. One with great authenticity and a touch of design and refinement.

Because yes, it can be different. It can be just a bit more.

Always be yourself,